Need-To-Know Tips For Changing Your Car’s Oil

Mechanic checking oil

One of the most common maintenance tasks you’ll have to deal with when you have a car is getting the oil changed. It’s not too much of a hassle, but it can definitely slow you down if you have a busy schedule. Whatever the case might be, it’s vital that you learn how to handle this task. Wondering how to do it? Check out these need-to-know tips for changing the oil in your car.

Know When to Change the Oil

These days, it’s pretty easy to tell when you need an oil change. Many cars will let you know when it’s time for a change, as the check engine light will illuminate. It’s also common to get a sticker with a reminder for when you need to change your oil after taking your car to get the oil changed. Worst comes to worst; you can always check your owner’s manual to see how often you have to change the oil. Make sure you stick to this schedule pretty carefully – you don’t want to go too long without changing it.

Choose the Right Oil

Did you know there are different types of oil out there for you to choose from? And if you don’t know a lot about cars in general or your car in particular, then you may not know which one to go with. Again, you should check your owner’s manual for this information. It should be easy to find, and it will help you locate the correct oil for your car. Can’t find your owner’s manual? You will likely be able to find out what you need from a quick Google search as well.

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What About Synthetic Oil?

Some vehicles will require synthetic oil. However, not all cars need it. Therefore, you should check to see what kind of oil your car needs. Since synthetic oil costs a lot more than other oil options out there, you probably don’t want to get it unless your vehicle really needs it.

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