Visit These College Station Parks This Summer

Family riding bicycle in the public park together.

Did you know there are 50 developed parks in College Station? All of these parks offer nature trails, pools, sports, and even community programs. If you ever feel like you have nothing to do, think again! Head out to one of these parks for a day of fun.

Bee Creek Park

This is a great park for anyone with small children who like to run around. There are playgrounds for younger kids and of course, the older ones as well. There is also a volleyball court, picnic areas, and a lagoon. From tennis courts, to pools and sports fields, there is definitely something for everyone at Bee Creek Park.

Brother’s Pond Park

Swings, slides, athletic fields, trails, and ponds can be found at this park. This is a great park for people of all ages. Brother’s Pond Park is never too busy, which makes it the perfect place to visit for a quiet and fun afternoon.

Lick Creek Park

With over 500 acres of wooded trails, you’ll be able to keep busy all day at Lick Creek Park. This is a perfect park for people who enjoy hiking, letting their furry friend run around, and or even horseback riding.

Stephen C. Beachy Central Park

They don’t call it Central Park for no reason! This two-mile-long rubberized path is accompanied by 10 acres of woods ready for you to explore. There are baseball, softball, and football fields, and of course two stocked lakes. Also, enjoy a meal at this park thanks to the BBQ and fire pits.

Pebble Creek Park

During the school year, this is a playground and playing field for students. When it’s not being used by students, this park is busy being a city park for people to come and enjoy the two playgrounds, trails, and sports fields. Also, make sure you bring your favorite sports equipment when you visit Pebble Creek Park.

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Richard Carter Park

This is a wonderful park to go to if you love to visit historic sites. This is a great place to enjoy a walk or a nice read. Richard Carter Park is also the ultimate spot for a picnic!

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