Try Curbside Pickup From Napa Flats

Happy parents and their small kids eating pizza in the living room.

These days, most people don’t want to spend too much time at restaurants. But after a while, it’s typical to get sick of your cooking. Once you eat the same thing three times in a week, it may feel like it’s time to switch it up and try something new. Why not consider some takeout? You don’t even have to go into the restaurant to get it when you order a meal from Napa Flats. This College Station, Texas, restaurant has lots of light, lovely dishes that are perfect for a summery day spent in the backyard or patio, and it even offers curbside pickup. Take a look at some of what this place offers.


Since you’re treating yourself to a meal out, it can’t hurt to add a starter to your entree. And with so many delicious options here, you may have a hard time picking which one sounds best. The sesame-crusted tuna is an excellent option for seafood lovers, while you might want to try the Mediterranean plate if you’re looking for veggie-friendly choices. One starter you can’t miss out on? The wood-fired avocado.


You can never go wrong with a good pizza, and Napa Flats has a lot of it. Sometimes, you have to stick with the classics, and that’s when you should order the cheese pizza. With three different types of cheese, it’s a low-key luxury you don’t want to pass up. Wishing you could take a trip to Italy this summer? Get a taste of the culture when you indulge in the prosciutto arugula pizza. And any meat lovers out there? The carnivore is the way to go. It’s stacked high with all your favorite meat (and some veggies to top it off).

Other Options

When you order from Napa Flats, you’re looking at way more options than just pizza. From soups and massive salads to sandwiches and steaks, there’s something for every family member. Try the Costa Rican whitefish, the meatball panini, and the ahi and avocado salad if you want a top-notch experience. Oh, and you’ll find pasta too (and yes, you deserve it).

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Don’t Forget Dessert

Your meal is going to be excellent when you order from this restaurant, but make sure you don’t forget about the most crucial part of the meal. That’s right: dessert. Some of the lighter options include the seasonal cobbler, the banana crumble, and the cheese and fruit plate. But the cheesecake and brownie are the way to go if you’re looking for something on the richer side.

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