Simple Gift Wrapping Upgrades

Woman wrapping Christmas gifts,

The sun is setting earlier and the weather is getting colder. This means it is time to get into the holiday spirit. What better way to get ready for the holidays than to learn tips and tricks to make your gift wrapping look professional. We know gift wrapping can be tough. But we have some helpful and easy tips that will have you eager to wrap your gifts like never before. Take a look at these tips that will impress everyone this year.

Go Natural

You will be surprised to find how a few sprigs of pine or even some green leaves can make your wrapping look natural and classic. The pine will add a delightful smell to your gifts. You can also use pine cones, eucalyptus, or even mistletoe. Your present will be so beautiful under any tree.

Use a Paper Cutter

A small paper cutter can make all the difference when you are wrapping gifts. Any shape you want you can find in a paper cutter. To get your shapes to stand out, use an A4 card and some white twine to create your own string wrap. Glue your shapes onto the string and wrap it around your gifts. Try and use plain simple wrapping paper, like brown kraft paper, so your shapes will stand out.

Get Creative

Pinterest is a great invention, especially for when you are looking to get creative. You can easily search for free printable gift tags for Christmas. Simply print these out and add them to your gifts. Mix it up a little this year and instead of using the tags for a name, you can add a quote, drawings, or even calligraphed tags if you are really looking to impress.

Design Your Own Gift Wrap

Creating your own wrapping paper may sound a bit tedious, but we promise you it is so simple. All you will need is a dark blue or kraft wrapping paper and a sharpie. Add a pattern, names, drawings, or whatever you find fun onto the paper. It will add a personal touch that your friends and family will love.

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Add Photos

Instead of gift tags, add some photos. You can add your favorite picture to your gifts and simply wrap them with twine. It will be a great keepsake and a reminder when your loved ones open the gifts.

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