Spruce Up Your Home With These Tips

Big yellow modern bulbs in a luxurious room.

There is something about spring that inspires you to get organized, clean everything, and update your space. Re-decorating is especially popular during this time of year, but it can be expensive. Don’t drop a paycheck on new décor items that you will want to replace later on. Instead, look at what you already have and consider all of the things you can do to give your space new life. Here are some simple and affordable tips from Real Simple that will help you take your space from drab to fab this season!

Switch it Up

You don’t have to spend any money to rearrange your furniture. Rearranging your furniture can completely change the look of a room. Make your space more functional by switching up the items in your living room so that there is space to walk through effortlessly, a focal point on your fireplace or television, and taking out unnecessary items that make the room more cluttered.

Indoor Outdoor Living

With so much time spent indoors, it is important to bring in elements from nature to give you a fresh perspective. Whether that is a bouquet of flowers from your garden, a unique house plant in the corner, or even creating a DIY branch wall décor piece, your space will feel new.

New Life

The guest table that has been hiding in your guest bedroom for years may look completely different in your living room space. Take the time to shop through other rooms in your home and move items around to give each piece new life. Don’t forget about items that you have completely put away. We all have a few boxes in the attic or garage that are full of items we used to love, and couldn’t yet part with. Pull those boxes out and go through them. Old trends come back in style and you may already have something that is on-trend today.


If you have some old paint lying around, freshen up a piece of furniture with a new color. You can paint anything from your living room coffee table to your bedroom headboard. If painting isn’t your forte, consider building something. A window seat could be the perfect project to give you somewhere new to love in your home.

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Let There Be Light

A really easy way to change your space is to update your lighting. You can replace your lightbulbs to make your space brighter or moodier. You can also add a lamp where you prefer softer lighting instead of harsh overhead lights.

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