Take A Tour Of Texas A&M’s Kyle Field

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Do you love cheering on the Aggies at Texas A&M University’s Kyle Field, and you’d like to see what goes on behind the scenes? You’ll get insider access when you take one of the Kyle Field Facility Tours. The tours are only $12 a person and last for 45-60 minutes. Get the details on what you can expect when you embark on one of these thrilling tours.

Explore the Stadium During the Tour

While the routes change, the Kyle Field Facility Tour generally consists of three areas. First, you’ll see the recently updated west side. This section was redesigned to include premium areas and suites for football fans. You’ll feel like a high roller when you explore the site during your tour.

You’ll also go down to field level during your tour. The tour guides often let people walk along the track that surrounds the field. You’ll feel a spark of energy when walking in the steps of Von Miller, Jack Pardee, and other Texas A&M legends.

Then, you’ll get to explore the Level 7 deck. With games and food, this is a popular spot on game day. You usually have to pay an extra fee to enter the Level 7 deck, but that’s not the case during the tour.

See the Inner Workings of the Stadium

You never know who you might come across during the tour. Coaches and student-athletes often pop up during the tour. However, they aren’t part of the tour. They’re at the stadium to train and do their jobs, so you need to respect their privacy. That means you cannot take photographs of them. However, you will walk away with some amazing memories and a better understanding of the inner workings of the school’s football program.

Learn About the School’s Football History

You’ll also learn quite a bit of history when you take the Kyle Field Facility Tour. Your guide will pepper you with information as you walk from one spot to the next. Even if you’re an Aggie through and through, there’s probably still some information you don’t know. You’ll walk away with a better understanding and appreciation of your favorite football team.

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Accessible Routes Available

There is quite a bit of walking involved during the Kyle Field tour. However, the stadium is ADA accessible, and the staff will make special accommodations when needed. If you need special accommodations, contact the staff in advance, so they’ll be prepared when you take the tour.

Once you embark on this tour, you’ll never look at Kyle Field the same way. You’ll know what goes on behind the curtain, and that will make you appreciate the football program even more. Schedule your tour and get ready to see another side of Kyle Field.

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