Take A Used Vehicle For A Test-Drive With These Tips

Woman driving a car on a sunny day

Buying a used car is a big decision. You need to make sure that the car is road-ready and fits your driving style. That’s why going on a test drive is so important. You’ll learn so much about the used vehicle during the test drive, and then you’ll be confident when making a purchase. Check out some tips for test-driving a used vehicle to ensure you buy a car that you love.

Inspect the Car’s Exterior

Your test drive begins before you even get in the car. This is your chance to make sure the car meets your expectations, so start by inspecting the exterior. Look for any signs of wear, tear, or problems. Pay special attention to the paint when inspecting the car. If the paint looks slightly different from one body panel to the next, the car was likely in a collision and underwent a repair.

Also, check for spots underneath the car that indicate it’s dripping fluid. Finally, walk around and look at the tires. See if they match and if they’re in good condition. Will you need to replace the tires shortly after buying the car? If so, see if negotiating the price is an option.

Check the Interior

Next, you need to inspect the interior of the vehicle. Make sure that the turn signals, emergency flashers, and headlights are working. Also, test the radio, air conditioner, and other features.

Do you have a child who still rides in a car seat? If so, bring the car seat along and secure it in the backseat. Does it fit securely? Is it easy to install and remove? If it’s hard to get the car seat in and out, choose another vehicle.

Get Comfortable

Then, you need to sit in the car and make sure you’re comfortable. Adjust the seats and mirrors and evaluate your comfort level. Also, check for blind spots. Make sure that you’ll be able to see when you drive the vehicle.

You can also sit in the backseat and make sure there’s ample room. While you might not have to ride in the backseat, you’ll likely transport people from time to time. You want to make sure everyone is comfortable.

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Drive the Vehicle

After you’ve tested everything, you can hit the road. Drive it on different types of roads, including roads with bumps. Then, if possible, drive it to your house and your place of employment, so you can see how it performs on your daily commute. By the time you’re done, you should know how it performs when accelerating, braking, and turning.

Allen Honda in College Station, Texas, makes the entire car buying experience easy, including the test drive. You can schedule a test drive online or stop by the dealership. Once you find a car you want, we can help you secure financing, so you can take it home today.

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