Customize Your Garage Tool Pegboard Step By Step

Tools organized on a garage pegboard

Tools just might be the most difficult items in your garage to organize. Bulky and oddly shaped, finding a place to put them is a real challenge. You can rise to that challenge with these DIY garage tool pegboard ideas. These ideas make it easy to keep your tools organized. Plus, you can even extend the lifespan of your tools by hanging them up instead of throwing them around your garage.

Basic Pegboard With Metal Hooks

You can keep it simple by hanging a basic pegboard with metal hooks above your workbench. Add specialized hangers for your screwdrivers and hammers, and you’ll be all set. This might not be the fanciest pegboard you can use, but you can’t beat the ease of installation.

Pegboard Panels

If you own lots of tools, you might want to upgrade to pegboard panels for your garage. This pegboard is 12 inches across, so it can accommodate most of your tools. Once installed, you can organize your tools by placing a different type in each panel. Then, just flip through the panels to get the tool you need. This panel is a great space-saver and ideal for people with lots of tools.

Pegboard Tool Cart

Do you hate walking across the garage to grab a new tool when working on a project? You can solve that problem with a pegboard tool cart. This cart is on wheels, so you can roll it over to your workspace. Then, your tools will always be within arm’s reach when working on a project. When you finish, just roll it back to the side of the garage until you need it again.

Sliding Door Shop Cabinet With Pegboards

If you have lots of tools, nails, and screws to organize, this sliding door shop cabinet with pegboards might be the right project for you. You’ll mount pegboard panels on a sliding track and then add hardware bins for your screws, nails, and more. While you’ll have to put in some work to make this cabinet, it’s ideal for heavy tools. Plus, it looks great, so you’ll have a sense of pride every time someone enters your garage.

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Pegboard With Custom Tool Hangers

Pegboards are perfect for organizing tools, but there is a problem. It’s easy to end up with a cluttered pegboard that turns into an eyesore. You can fix this problem by making custom tool hangers for your pegboard. Hangers allow you to group and organize your tools on the pegboard. Also, these hangers prevent the tools from causing the pegboard’s holes to warp and chip.

Whether you want a simple pegboard or a complete cabinet, these projects have you covered. Pick a DIY pegboard project and get to work. You can have your tools up and organized by the end of the weekend.

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