Get Your Lawn Fall-Ready With These Tips

Man collecting fallen autumn leaves in the backyardIt’s obviously tempting to pack up the lawnmower, rake, and other lawn tools after a long, hot summer, but fall is no time to let up on your lawn. In fact, taking the time to prep your lawn during the fall can result in an even greener patch of grass come next spring. 

Here are some recommended steps from to take this fall in order to prep your yard for future success. 

Don’t Skip the Fertilizer

Even though your yard may be heading towards dormancy, it’s no time to slack on the fertilizer. In fact, according to, “Fall feeding provides vital nutrients to plant roots; roots that continue to grow well into winter.” Make sure you are using a winterizer type fertilizer which is specifically developed for use during fall months. 

Spray Those Weeds

Stay on top of weed control even in the fall by actively continuing to spray. Weed prevention products will continue to work as long as weeds are growing. It also aids in the winter fertilizer process of filling in thin spots. 

Rake Leaves

Be sure to either rake or mulch dead leaves that fall onto your lawn throughout this season. Leaving large piles of dead leaves on the grass will result in dead lawn patches come spring. 

Aerate & Seed for Best Results

Ask any lawn care professional and they will confirm that fall is the best time for core aeration and overseeding thin areas. Aeration is the process through which hole plugs are pulled out of the yard which then allows the applied seed to safely germinate come springtime. 

Show Your Lawnmower Some Love

Your lawnmower has probably taken a serious beating by the end of summer. Fall is the perfect time to have it serviced along with having the lawnmower blades sharpened or replaced. Do this now rather than waiting till lawn supply companies get very busy during the warmer months. 

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