Have An Upscale Date Night At Home!

caprese saladWith a culinary style entrenched in passed-down recipes, family secrets, and innovative twists on classic Italian dishes, Luigi’s has become one of the most noteworthy restaurants in College Station. 

Their delicious appetizers, main courses, and cocktails have made Luigi’s a staple in the community as well as a beacon for Italian cuisine lovers everywhere. Let’s take a look at some menu items you could have on your stay-at-home date tonight!

Antipasta Assortiti

This Classic Italian appetizer includes calamari, scampi, suppli al telefono, and prosciutto-wrapped grissini bread. It comes with olives and a cubed three cheese combo, as well as fresh melon and a small Caprese salad. This is a large-portion appetizer, so it’s a great one to share with another person.


The Negroni could be considered one of the most Italian cocktails that has ever been stirred, and with that, Luigi’s Negroni does not disappoint. It starts out with a one and a quarter pour of authentic, Hendrick’s gin. Then they add about an ounce of Campari maraschino liqueur, as well as Carpani Antica sweet vermouth. All of these ingredients are combined in a mixing glass and stirred for about 20 to 30 seconds, or until the mixing glass starts to produce condensation. This concoction is then fitted in an old-fashioned whiskey glass, on top of a large, clear ice cube for authenticity. 

Sweet Apple Pork Ribeye

This fresh twist on a classic Italian dish starts with their tender pork ribeye. It is then topped with a sweet apple and pepper demi-glaze sauce. It comes with garlic mashed potatoes as well as the chef’s choice of vegetables.

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Finish your meal on a sweet note by splitting a slice of delicious cheesecake! This New-York-style dessert features an Italian twist that takes it to the next level. You get to choose if it’s topped with strawberry or chocolate sauce.

It’s sure to be a date night you’ll never forget when you order from Luigi’s!

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